Segmented/Fancy Turnings

You might be wondering what I am meaning when the word segmented is used here.  OK.  It's where a turner cuts up, glues together two or more different kinds of wood to create a bowl, jar or whatever.  So, no telling what all might show up here.  I also included the word fancy just as an attention grabber.   Now I'm gonna wonder if it worked.  Hope you like what you see here.

Luscious Segmented Wood Bowl


When you look at this bowl, I think there is gonna be a certain amount of Wow involved here. You have some really beautiful woods here.  Starting at the center and working your way outward you have red oak, purpleheart, walnut, padauk, and then maple.  Now I admit to a small error in the glue up on this bowl.  In the walnut area there is a goof that I tried and tried to get out, but uhuh.  No go.  It was there to stay and wanted to show off.  So, I sanded it down as best as possible to minimalize the error and went on.  It certainly does nothing to hurt the general appearance or usability of the bowl.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then buffed with a tripoli wood buffing compound.  Then the finishing was done with shellac with a small bit of walnut oil based wax mixed in.  Using these techniques and materials gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting finish.  The diameter is 7 ½” with a height of 3 ¾”.  The depth is 2 ¾” and the volume came to 5 cups.  The bowl does hold liquids just fine though I doubt anybody will use it for that.  15Sep20  BLSW2   $60.00  Qualifies for free shipping in the United States.


Sumptuous Segmented Goodie Box


Sumptuous may not be the best word for describing this goodie box, but it certainly comes close.  I guess it might depend on whether you use it for salts or spices, other herbs, teas, or even your personal stash of pistachios or M&M’s.  It most definitely is decorative as it is turned from 4 different woods.  The center wood is zebrawood which comes from Africa.  Moving outward you then have red oak, maple and poplar.  Using these woods give a nice contrast and make this box beautiful.  The outside diameter is 4” and the inside is 2 ½”.  The total height is 4 ¼” and the vessel height is 3 ¼”.  The vessel depth is 2 ½” and the volume is 1 cup.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil.  After is soaked in overnight the wood was buffed with a wood buffing compound called tripoli.  While spinning at about 1000 rpm’s the wood was then finished with shellac.  Using these methods and materials gives the box a nice hard natural long lasting finish.  13Sep20  BXSG3  $45.00  Qualifies for free shipping in the United States.


Classy Segmented Wood Bowl


This bowl is really amazing looking.  All kinds of wood make it up, therefore being called segmented.  Different wood segments make it up.  You will find osage orange, pecan, and white oak in this bowl.  The glue up process took about a week.  This way I felt I stood a better chance of getting a solid bowl.  This bowl is 8 ¾” in diameter and 3 ¾” high.  The depth is 3 ¼” and the volume measures at ½ gallon.  The bowl does hold liquids, though the intent was for this bowl to used mainly as a display bowl for fruits and nuts, etc..  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then buffed with a special wood buffing compound.  Then it was finished with shellac with some walnut oil based wax mixed in.  After that the bowl was buffed again.  Using these techniques and material gives the bowl a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  31Aug20  BLSW1  $50.00  Qualifies for free shipping in the United States.