Popcorn Bowls

Let's just face some simple facts.  First, yes.  The only bowls that will be here are bowls designed specifically for luscious popcorn.  Now here is another fact.  You may use this type of bowl for any serving needs that you might have.  Salad, veggies, smashed spuds, fruits.  And, of course popcorn.  What makes a popcorn bowl different from others?  One simple thing.  In the bottom of the bowl there is a trough for catching any unpopped kernels.  Yep.  That's it.  That's all there is to it and I guess there ain't nothing else to say here.


Sumptuous Cottonwood Popcorn Bowl


Cottonwood, besides being a really nice looking wood has some relatives that you might have heard of.  Aspen and Poplar are in the same genus.  How about that?  This is a soft wood which of course makes it lightweight.  Now I am not gonna tell you that you can only use this bowl for popcorn.  It does have the traditional trough on the inside for unpopped kernels.  You might also want this bowl to do multitasking.  Use it as a salad bowl and even a serving bowl.  Some might even use it as a centerpiece bowl on their table with fruits and decorative items.  The diameter is 15 1/2" with a height of 3".  The depth is 2 1/4" and the volume measured to the brim is 1 gallon.  So, in terms of popcorn you could probably put 2 gallons of popcorn in it.  Great bowl for a family popcorn bowl.  The wood was sealed with two coats of food grade walnut oil.  After that soaked in and was sanded and buffed it recieved two coats of shellac.  After the shellac started setting up, a walnut oil based wax was added to everything.  All this was done to give you the smoothest surfaces possible with this wood.  That is not always an easy task with this wood.  28Jan20 BLCW107 $70.00 and $8.00 S&H Shipping price listed is for standard shipping within the Continental United States.  All other areas contact me with zip code for shipping costs.