One of the nice things about mallets is just about everyone can use one.  Quite useful around the house and in the shop.  Makes no difference whether you are going to drive dowel pins or rods with it or even for that matter crack nuts, these mallets will fill that use.  Fun to turn and the designs are almost limitless, as time rolls along you will find them here turned from all kinds of local hard woods. 

Serious Pecan Craft Mallet


This is one serious mallet turned from pecan wood for one someone into woodworking or other crafts that require a mallet.  I use mallets like this in my shop and I even pound steel drive centers into wood with them without any damage to the mallet.  With pecan being such a durable wood this mallet should last a lifetime.  I did burn 3 lines into the handle for decorative purposes that seem to add to the attractiveness of this piece.  The wood was sealed with two coats of walnut oil to add to the durability of the mallet.  The total length is 9 ¼” with a handle length of about 6 ¼”.  The head is 3” long and the diameter of the head is 3 ¼”.  The handle diameter is 1 ¼” and the mallet weighs 1 ½ pounds.  The diameter of the handle was meant for a fairly large hand.  31Jan18  MP4  $35.00 and $11.00 S&H


9" Pecan Craft Mallet


This fine looking mallet turned from spalted pecan will be useful for anyone who works with all sorts of things.  It makes no difference if you use it for chiseling or for driving dowel pins this mallet will take care of the task for you.  Pecan is a fairly hard and durable wood and this mallet should last anyone a long, long time.  Turned from one solid piece of wood the durability of this mallet is assured.  The head is 1 ½” in diameter and is 4 ½” long.  The handle is ¾” in diameter and the total length of the mallet is 9”.  The wood was sealed with walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil based wax.  This gives the mallet a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  24Dec16  MP3  $25.00 and $10.00 S&H


8 3/4" Pecan Crafter's Mallet


Anybody that works in crafts will want one of these fine mallets.  Turned from pecan from a solid piece of wood, it is durable and good looking at the same time.  And of course you might want it to whack some unruly soul’s knuckles with it, too!  I did not say that.  The head diameter is 1 ½” and the head length is 3 ½”.  The handle is about ¾” in diameter and the total length is 8 ¾”.  I use mallets of this style in my own shop and they get a fair amount of use and probably abuse and do quite well.  Finished with straight shellac.  21Dec16  MP2  $25.00 and $10.00 S&H