I think the title is rather self explanatory.  Someone is gonna say I am being tacky saying that but I can't help myself.  But what I will be placing here for your perusal are primarily salt and spice boxes.  Now these may also be used for herbs and teas as well.  You will find these useful whether you are a professional chef or the chief cook in the house.  So take a look and I bet you will find something you really like.

Lovely Pecan Wood Treasure Box


You just gotta love pecan wood and all the natural beauty that it has.  I rarely remember to do this, but the last 2 photos show the piece of crotch wood before any work was done on it.  After cutting and trimming it down, I was about to get the box and lid from the same piece of wood.  There is some magnificent spalting in this box as well, making it truly a treasure box.  It makes no difference what your idea of a treasure is; spices, herbs, nuts or candies, to keepsake items.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil/shellac mixture.  This gives the box a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  The outside diameter is 5” and the inside is 3”.  The total height is 5” with the vessel height at 3 ¼” and depth at 2 ¾”.  The volume measures at 1 ¾ cups.  Just don’t think it could get much better than this!  10Aug19  BXP101  $35.00  Free standard shipping within Continental United States.  All other locations contact me with zip code for shipping costs.


Hollow Form "Flying Saucer" Pecan Goodie Box


Now, how about this!?!  A truly unique shaped box for your goodies or treasures.  Basic shape is like a flying saucer, with the interior hollowed out also making this a hollow form piece.  Wasn’t sure just which category to put it in so I decided on boxes.  Turned from truly magnificent pecan wood, this piece has everything that would make a rustic fan happy.  You have some worm holes, you have natural edge, you have spalting, and even a knot hole or two.  Just doesn’t get any better than this.  This box holds a nice amount of 3 cups.  The outside measures 8 ½” and the inside lip is 2 ¾”.  The total height is 5” and the vessel height is 3 1/4”.  The depth of the vessel is 2 ¾”.  The hollowing of the interior follows the exterior fairly well.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil and shellac mixture.  A combination such as this gives the box a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  26Mar19  BXP98  $42.50  Free shipping within Continental United States.


Winged Pecan Wood Goodie Box


Now you have to admit that this is rather neat looking!  A goodie box, turned from beautiful pecan wood that has wings.  And seeing that the wings hang down, I guess you might even call them gull like wings.  Maybe?  This lovely box has many uses.  Use it as a salt or spice box if you wish, put small jewelry in it, and even your own personal stash of pistachios.  It holds one cup in volume.  The height is 3” with the widest point being 7 ¾” and the narrowest is 5 ¾”.  The inside diameter is 4 ½” and it is 1” deep.  The lid is loose fitting enough to allow for swelling due to humidity changes.  You will find luscious grain patterns and a small amount of spalting.  On one corner there is something of a knot hole that did need a little reinforcing.  That was done with clear glue and natural dust.  The wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a combination of walnut oil and shellac.  This mixture provides the box a nice hard long lasting natural finish.  18Mar19  BXP97  $30.00 Free shipping within Continental United States.


Colorful Pecan Wood Spice Box


If you want a beautiful yet out of the ordinary wood spice or herb box then this is what you are looking for!  First of all pecan wood is really great looking on it’s own.  Then when you add the crushed powdered turquoise added full circle on the rim you really have something.  Lest we forget the line burned into the lid for extra measure.  Combined you have something super duper!!!   When you consider that the wood was sealed with food grade walnut oil and then finished with a walnut oil and shellac mixture, you know you have something that will last a long time.  After all there is nothing like a long lasting natural finish, is there?  Nope.  The outside diameter is 4 1/2” with the inside at 3 ¼”.  The total height is 3 ¾”, vessel height is 2 ¼” and the vessel depth comes to 1 ½”.  The volume is measured at ¾ cup.  You will find a couple of natural pitting flaws in the wood that do not hinder it’s usage in any way but do add to the rustic appearance of the piece.  13Jun18  BXP88  $27.50  $8.00 S&H