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Howdy to you from North Central Texas!  Lots of things have changed since I started this website and I hope you like them.  You will find all kinds of things here varying from bowls of all sizes and woods, to platters, salt/spice boxes, even mortar and pestle sets.  You will find my turnings are thought out to be useful as well as good looking.  My turnings also tend to be more rustic in style, which is not to be confused with vintage.   Now I will stop all of this rambling and I invite you to explore the site and I hope you enjoy what you see.    I even have some critter photos on a page showing off some of the wildlife that I feed regularly because I feel I need to help them out with food and water.

Thanks, Dave

Major Announcement

January 3, 2022  I am getting everything all set up.  Waiting for a response from my ISP on one marketing problem.  Then I can add the payment methods and all will be set and done.  Hopefully I will have headed off any snags.

January 9, 2022 I am slowly adding PayPal buttons to each item.  I wanted to add Square as well, but getting that done is kicking my butt mentally.  I will eventually conquer it, but not today evidently.  PayPal is very secure so that is a plus.


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Recently Added:

5 1/2" Podacarpus Candy/Nut Bowl

6 3/4" Magnolia Bowl

7" Mahogany Pedestal Bowl

5 1/4" Magnolia Hollow Form Candy/Nut Bowl

7 3/4" Mahogany Serving Bowl

3 5/8" Pecan Wood Box



Unusual Duck

As many folks know, I feed a fair amount of wild critters.  Deer, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, and as of the past couple of years black bellied whistling ducks.  Cute ducks they are.  I have never seen a duck sit on a power line before but lo and behold, I had one doing it on April 18, 2017.  Just so you will believe me instead of accusing me of spinning a Texas yarn, here is a photo just for you!

My Log Yard

As a lot of folks know, I harvest pretty much all of my own wood.  A little while back I was in what I call my "wood acquisition mode", which means I am out logging.  Yes, literally cutting trees down, limbing them, and then bucking them to manageable lengths for hauling purposes.  Below is a series of photos taken of my log yard right after one of my little logging operations.  The wood in the first two photos is American Elm and the next two photos show both the elm and pecan wood that I brought in.  Some of the elm is about 3' in diameter.  What you see was done in two days time.  I get some good help from a friend, and together we get the job done.  And, I thank that feller for his help.  He is one of the reasons that Dave's Wood Art can function.

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